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ahaha, so clearly the Fringe panel writeup is not happening. (besides, you can watch the whole thing on YouTube anyway, so it's sort of a moot point.) In my defense, I have had basically no braintime for anything but Job and Brother related stress. (now with bonus 'brother hired at job!' crossover! I am a GIGANTIC STRESSBALL.)
I still have not watched the new ep, no spoilers omg.

In lieu of creating anything, I have been watching so much TV. So much. Up to midway through season 8 in X-Files, which. Um. Does it... get better, at some point? Does Scully ever get to be awesome again? Because right now it seems to be the John Doggett show, starring John Doggett and also some pregnant chick who he saves and/or lectures. (The episode where he scolds her for going off on her own sdfajsgdfglkdf) I tried to go into it with an open mind; I really, really did. I want to like Doggett, because I don't like not liking characters! Watching shows is more fun if I'm fond of most of the characters! but I am kind of. Not feeling it. It doesn't help that the writing quality seemed to go downhill really fast. I mean, s7 had a lot of goofy episodes, but they were at least more or less coherent. What the hell was Badlaa? (Apart from awful.) IDK, IDK. Maybe now is the time to start reading fic.

Also watching (and enjoying the hell out of) Twin Peaks (noooo spoilers), although thus far my most pertinent observation is that Dale Cooper is basically Benton Fraser, if Fraser were American and also in a TV show by David Lynch. I can't decide whether they would get along really well, or if they would be just alike enough to get on each other's nerves. Cooper would totally love Dief, though.
(A quick trip to the AO3 indicates that this crossover has already been written. Fandom, ilu.)
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...from comic-con. Went to Fringe panel, will post detailed write-up later tonight/tomorrow. (Short reaction: omg Walter is Australian? Mind: blown.) Fun! Acquired several comics (Shadoweyes, Chew, Promethia) and nifty prints, also acquired con crud in the form of a sore throat. Back to sleeping nao.
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So I, of course, did not finish Fringe. I'm on episode... six, I think. I am heading off to Comic-con in a matter of minutes, and I am still debating about whether to go to the Fringe panel. On the one hand, I don't want to be spoiled, and it will be inevitable if I go to the panel. On the other hand, I was spoiled for a fair amount of what I've seen already, and I still *enjoyed* it. And actor panels are often super fun, and I would get to see Jasika Nicole in person (<3333) and that could be cool.

Especially interested in hearing people who've seen Fringe, and can weigh in on whether it's better to be unspoiled.

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Should I go to the Fringe panel?

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Also, obvs, I am going to Comic-con, if anyone I know will be there, which is doubtful but what the heck. I will be Robin (animated Tim Drake) tomorrow, and Scully on Sunday.
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oh my god you guys. Life has been so nonsensical of late. I am super, super swamped at work working so much OT (on the one hand, yay, more money! On the other hand, even less of a life than I had before!) and on account of my hard working ways, have been... sort of put in charge of some things? and people? which is so terrifying, I can't even tell you. Exciting, but exhausting. How do people do this work/life balance thing?

I feel so cut off from fandom, which makes me sad, and I'm too paranoid to browse fannish sites on my lunchbreak. (I don't *think* the company is monitoring the usage, but).

I'm trying to finish Fringe before Comic-con so I can go to the panel on Saturday. Considering I'm on episode 4 of season 3, I don't know if I'm going to make it, though. Still. Fringe! I am a fan. I have Thoughts, about stuff! Mostly about how much I love Astrid. (I really love Astrid. She is my favrit <3 <3 <3)

I am not in a fic place about it yet, but I might be when I'm done? Although I may basically just want the adventures of Astrid and Walter, and also maybe some Broyles/Nina Sharp. (Please tell me the latter exists? At least a little bit?) I think- I think I mostly want gen? Which is a strange new feeling for me, let me tell you.
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Am finally watching Fringe. Have just hit season two. spoilers )

Someday, I will post things again.
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Have new place! Have internet! Have horrible cough and am going back to bed! If you'd like my new address, post comment and I will reply screened. Hope you all are well. <3


Mar. 19th, 2011 10:32 am
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New place acquired, we are moving in today, huzzah for last minute saves. Will update w/ new mailing address once I'm there and we have internet up, which might be a few days.
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The [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year challenge is over, and I made one treat for it!
It is Mai/Zuko, SFW.
It's funny, because a lot of people mentioned the background as being the moon, which it wasn't meant to be- it was just a compositional element stuck in there because a blank background was boring. It's kind of oblong for a moon, although looking at it now the texture is totally moonlike.
I wanted to do more than one, but I was too busy- I've hardly even gotten to look over everything submitted. There are some super awesome crafts, though. I really want to make these dishcloths.

Yesterday was my birthday! I'm now one quarter of a century old. It's weird. I feel like I should have things more figured out by now, but I guess that's pretty common.

It's also my cats' birthday today! They are four years old.


Feb. 6th, 2011 09:23 pm
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Argh, Small Potatoes. DNW. It annoys me that the writing in this episode is actually pretty funny at points, but gaaaaaaahhh, the plot. Haaate. My immediate dislike for this episode was compounded by reading this review.

Spoilers for Small Potatoes, warning for rapey-ness )

On the bright side, my little brother totally gets it and says "I just want to hit this guy [Eddie] so many times." <3

tee vee

Jan. 27th, 2011 09:34 pm
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Internet, why did you not remind me that White Collar has returned? (Okay, yes, if I'd actually looked at the White Collar newsletter which I am subscribed to, I would have noticed, but hush. )
White Collar 2.10 not-really-spoilers )

X-Files watching continues apace. I enjoyed El Mundo Gira a lot more once I learned that the title basically translates to As The World Turns.
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Brother and I are on s4 now, and are currently watching Home. I think he hates me right now, judging by his exclamations of horror. Ohh, X-Files writers, what on earth were you *thinking*?
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1. omg I love the AO3 kudos system. So much, I cannot even say. It's made Yuletide much more enjoyable for me because I don't have to worry so much about thinking up something insightful to say. Kanata's post basically sums it up for me. I still haven't finished going through the archive, but I have saved a bunch to my new (to me, anyway) Kindle (bweee!).

2. I've started reading Homestuck. You guys, what is this I don't even. I mean, I'm enjoying it, but what the hell. Would reading Problem Sleuth first make things any less confusing? I started reading that a long time ago but got distracted and wandered off.

3. My brother started watching X-Files over my shoulder and got into it, so we're starting again from the beginning. We're now in season 2, which has more ridiculous episodes than I remembered. (Why did the aliens make the animals invisible, again?)
However, I can actually recognize Krychek now, so maybe I'll be able to figure out what the hell is up with him this time around. Additionally, oh man, I ship MSR so hard it's ridiculous. Normally, I can't get into canon pairings, but apparently I have a button labeled "PARTNERS" that is very easily pushed. (This button lead to me having a brief moment of shipping Lassie/Jules on Psych, which is something considering that I don't really like Lassiter all that much.)
Also: Dear scientists, here is a tip: never name anything the Icarus project. Ever. Why would you do that? (more names to avoid: Sisyphus, Achilles. Others?)
Also also: is it weird that I find it kind of hot when Scully does autopsies? That's weird, right?

4. Here is a delicious recipe for carrot soup that I've been making a lot this winter. I recommend the second set of spices, and sour cream as the dairy. I also skip the cashews, because they're expensive and I'm cheap.
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Man, there a lot of dead babies in X-Files, aren't there?
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Quick hit, since I'm at work, but the sky may not actually be falling? *crosses fingers*
Still, no harm in knowing about alternatives. Eggs and baskets and all.
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Was everyone else as taken by surprise about this as I was? I had absolutely no idea this was coming. I was never a Delicious power-user, though, so I wasn't really in a position to see the decline. (I still insist on typing )

My question is, is there a way to export *other people's* bookmarks from delicious? Like, search for tag x/y and then export all of that for future perusal? Or export a particular person's rec list? I mostly used my own account to save recipes, but I did a huge amount of searching to find fic. Damnit, Yahoo. *shakes tiny fist of rage*

Man, this is my problem with the cloud, or the idea that digital media will someday entirely replace print media. What happens when someone pulls the plug?
Maybe someone will do something for Delicious like reocities and the Wayback Machine did for GeoCities, but the essential problem- how ephemeral digital media is- remains. :/
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Half the keys on my laptop have suddenly stopped working. I was going to write an amusing sentence with missing letters, but "an amusing sentence" became "a asg stc" so I decided not to. Why would this happen with no apparent cause? I didn't spill anything on it or anything. *mystified*

I have re-started watching X-Files. There are... a lot of episodes that boil down to "lol, impregnating women against their will is hilarious! (unless it is Scully)" aren't there? The one with the tails, and then Post-modern Prometheus. I mean, I get that spoiler )

Randomly, does anyone know of a non-judgy cat forum-type site that is friendly towards raw feeding? I kind of want to get back into that with my cats, but OMG the rawcat mailing list is SO HORRIBLE. It's just so judgmental and YOU ARE KILLING YOUR CATS if you feed them canned or kibble EVAR. Because raw is so easy and inexpensive! And if you don't think so you are lazy and stupid! Just looking at the digest titles make me anxious. There are few groups more virulently judgmental than pet owners and parents, I think.
Plus, I hate mailing lists in general. When fandom moved from MLs to forums and the LJ I was so happy, you have no idea.

In other news, I have started on my first picture for the White Lotus exchange! I am excited.


Dec. 1st, 2010 05:29 pm
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Happy Hanukkah! I hope people's holidays are going well thus far.

I've started working on some things for the Lunar New Year exchange fest at [community profile] white_lotus- I really hope I can finish a few things. It's been so long since I've actually finished art.

Also, I seem to have made a friend at work, which is exciting! (Especially because the first co-workers I was working with were. uh. When I asked them to stop using gay as a pejorative, the response was "I can't make any promises! lol." The lol was unspoken, but there.) But this person seems nice?

It is interesting to me that I seem to attract the same kind of 'first friend' wherever I go- high school, college, my first workplace, always the first person I connected with was a certain type of geeky, highly opinionated person. She is a fan- we actually connected when she saw I was drawing Katara. I'm trying to suss out what kind of fan- is she into fic? I'm a little concerned that she's going to be like the woman I met at the NaNoWriMo thing- fannish, but really dismissive of slash and fanfic, and that always makes me sad. I never know what to say. But then, maybe she's not, which would be neat! Well, potentially, anyway. Why don't we have a secret handshake or something? Wasn't someone working on that awhile back?

a sadness

Nov. 29th, 2010 07:55 pm
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Oh, man, Leslie Nielsen died yesterday. Internet, I depend on you to tell me these things! I shouldn't have to read about this in the *newspaper*. :/
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I am very excited about the [community profile] white_lotus ATLA exchange! I'm still debating about whether I should sign up or not, since I failed so utterly at the [community profile] ladiesbigbang challenge. *hangs head* But I kind of want to, anyway.
Regardless of whether I sign up or not, I'm going to try to do treats, so everyone should leave a comment on the treats page!
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So, I've just been denied health insurance because of my 'history of major depression or neurosis'. Which, you know. Fuck you *so much*, US health care system. Anyone who talks to me about the evils of socialized medicine in the near future is likely to get metaphorically stabbed in the face. Just so you know.

Normally I'd post this in the depression filter, but I actually had a question, which is: the new health care laws say that I can be covered by my parent's health plan until 26. Does anyone know if pre-existing conditions will mean I can't be covered by that, either? I am frankly a bit too freaked out to really concentrate on trying to figure things out right now.


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