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[x-files] Piper Maru/Apocrypha

Oh, look, it's a mytharc episode!

Piper Maru/Apocrphya

Ever since I got laid off, scenes where characters are called into their bosses' office give me this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's never good news! In this case, Scully isn't getting a dressing down, just being informed that her sister's case is being made inactive. *much* better.

-Wow, Mulder's French pronunciation is horrible. "Mr. Goatie-ay?" Didn't he study French in High School?

-I feel as though there must be a subtler way to try to ward Skinner off Scully's sister's case than being all "That's a nice job you have. It'd be a shame if someone were to set fire to it." Poor Melissa. Does it still count as fridging when it's to motivate a female character?

-So one downside to watching TV is that I have really bad facial recognition. I don't actually think it's legitimately prosopagnosia because after a certain amount of exposure it sinks in and I'm good, but if you give me two characters of the same sex and hair color I will *probably* confuse them. (I thought the Cigarette Smoking Man and Deep Throat were the same person at first, for instance. /o\ It was... confusing) So I spent half this episode thinking that Jeraldine (the woman Mulder arrests in Hong Kong) was Gautier's wife until Mulder said her last name. It is kind of important that they are different! whups.
It's a really good thing that people shout "KRYCHEK!" every time the guy shows up, because I never, ever recognize him.

It could just be that I have low expectations for this sort of thing, but it seems like X-files has a lot of female agents (and female agents of color!) in bit roles. S'nice. I mean, god knows there are some skeevy race issues elsewhere, but still. It's something.

I am still completely confused about Krychek and what he's up to. I sort of dislike him, not through any fault of his own, but because the 'k' on my keyboard is broken, so whenever I type his name I have to copy and paste both a capital *and* a lower case k. Pfeh.

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[personal profile] baronjanus 2010-05-02 05:49 am (UTC)(link)
ran into you on the DW "latest" and realising you're watching this for the first time made me squee in vicarious proxy-newbie joy.

I also thought to not reply out of the blue like this, except I think I can help with your problem. Krycek can be referred to as Alex.

Or "the cute morally ambiguous one". But Alex is probably more neutral. Ohh, old school.