Apr. 8th, 2010

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You guuuuys, I wanna do [community profile] ladiesbigbang, but I cannot decide on a theme! I don't know that there's any one person I want to draw 15 (or more) times (at least all at once). I could definitely come up with 15 different women from comics, but I kind of want to work on my real person drawing skillz. And I like the idea of having a theme, anyway. Makes it easier to come up with different ideas.

There are two types of themes that I can think of- conceptual themes and visual themes. The problem with visual themes is making all of them unique enough- I considered doing all the same color scheme, or maybe all monochrome with different colors, but I'm afraid that could be boring (for me and the viewer). There's doing things in a particular style, but the only style I can think of that I can mimic (and would be visually distinctive enough) is art nouveau, and- don't get me wrong, I love art nouveu, but I feel like it's been done, and that I can't mimic it well enough to make it spectacular. Plus, most of it is pretty ladies sitting around, and I want to work on action shots- especially if I ask for a compliment, because it would be hard to write a fic based on 'Toph sitting on a rock with very distinct outlines!'

But I'm leaning towards visual themes more than conceptual themes, because it feels... neater, somehow? If something is a set, I want it to sort of show that it's a set. I was considering women in law enforcement as a theme? f only because I can think of a lot of them (although I'm not sure I can do 15 unless I stretch and count superheroes.) But I also want to draw at least one Avatar character, and I'm... not really seeing anyone there. (I am up to episode 5 of s3, no spoilers pls!)

Other idea was basing pictures on classic paintings? Like the one I did of Kory as Eve, which I would link to except it was in my LJ scrapbook which is now defunct, boo. :[ I should upload those somewhere else. Anyway, that appeals to me, because it mean I would have ready made compositions for stealing inspiration, and because I am amused by the idea, and also it would mean reading about art history, which is something I enjoy. But then- what counts as a 'classical' painting? I'm mostly familiar with stuff by dead white guys; the sort of accepted 'canon', so to speak. Should I branch out into more diverse art origins? I'm not as familiar with non-European stuff, but then again there are whole books on the subject and now I'm all paid up on my library fines, so. *flails* I don't know! I need ideeeeeeaaaas. *grabby hands*

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