Apr. 15th, 2010

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So! I have decided to go with "They Fight Crime* (*except when they commit it)" as my [community profile] ladiesbigbang theme (if anyone has a more elegant way to work the criminals into the name, let me know. It's kinda clunky as is.) I'm thinking of splitting it into 3 parts- Cops (official law enforcement), vigilantes, and criminals. I've got enough cops, I think. (Although. Could I shoehorn Suki, from Avatar: TLA, into the role of cop? Except they didn't seem to be really general law enforcement; more like soldiers, so I dunno.)

It would be really easy to fill in vigilantes with all superheros, but that seems uneven to me, so I'm trying to think of more non-comic book women who fight crime without being law enforcement types. So far I have, um, Jessica Fletcher and that's about it. People who have watched/read Ladies' No 1 Detective Agency- would Precious Ramotswe fit into this category? I haven't seen the series yet, but in the book that I've read it seemed like she did less 'crime' and more 'sorting out personal issues' which doesn't match the theme, but I only read the one, and it was a long time ago.

Actually, I probably need more non-comic criminals, too- I've got Parker and Sophie, Mr. Yang (from Psych) and mmmaybe Alex Barnes? (I would need to, you know. Actually watch that episode of The Sentinel. I've only got through half of s1.) I dunno, maybe that's enough- I need five of each, so two comic book villains isn't too lop-sided. Still, more couldn't hurt.
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I fell behind in Leverage at the... show break thingummy, the one where Tara showed up. III had forgotten about the part where this show tends to hit my embarrassment squick sometimes.

Totally hot. ... Warm? ...cold? )


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