red_eft: Scully and Mulder holding umbrellas, looking up at the sky, confused (mulder it is raining frogs)
Red Eft ([personal profile] red_eft) wrote2010-04-30 01:59 am
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[x-files] "I changed it to 'trust everyone'. Didn't I tell you?"

Note for folks who have requested sketches- I am working on them! It will probably be a few days before I finish them all, and then I'll post another round up. It feels so good to draw again, I cannot even say.

In other news, I have been watching X-Files. The entire series (minus the movies) is on Netflix: Watch Instantly, and I have been consuming them like popcorn. I'd watched the show before, but only in fits and spurts and not in any particular order. It's... really quite good! I am enjoying it a lot. I am up to season 3 now. (I started watching last week, which shows you the rate I'm going through this stuff.) I am... sort of nervous about the eventual pregnancy storyline, because I have Issues with fictional pregnancy, and also because I've heard that things went kind of pear shaped toward the end there. Still! Right now it is full of rainbows and hearts and monsters and alien autopsies.

It's funny, because I think if I'd been watching when it first aired, I'd be a diehard noromo. That's kind of my default position on any show, actually- most romance plotlines leave me deeply annoyed for many reasons. But oh man, I am totally shipping it. I think because they're *not* setting it up (at least explicitly, at this point) as a romance, so the affection is because of who they are and not because one person (and let's face it; it's usually the woman, at least in this kind of show) is the Designated Love Interest. I just have a thing for people who are Devoted Partners! It seems to be my ultimate OTP-nip. (Huh. That might explain why I found myself having bizarre thoughts of Jules/Lassiter. Dear brain, whut?)
But I am just so fond of both of them, although especially Scully. *draws hearts around her little skeptic self*

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