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[x-files] Please explain to me the scientific nature of "the whammy"

Had posts on previous episodes, but I brilliantly chose *not* to restore from saved draft, so whatevs. I am now on season 4!

Home- Inside the X says this is 4x03, but Netflix has it second. asdlfsdsaddff. SO CREEPY AND HORRIBLE. Although, I thought the part with the cheerful music over the brothers beating the sheriff and his wife to death were really effective. Maybe I just have a weakness for creepy scenes to cheerful music- they use it in Lost a lot. Also I liked the bit right after the opening credits where they've got the title (HOME) over the kids setting up home plate. I love little throw-away visual references like that.

Teliko- Interesting to compare Aboah with Tooms- I mean, they're pretty much the same thing (only Tooms is way creepier) but the conclusions drawn are different. Murders like the one Tooms committed happened years before he was apparently born- clearly, Tooms is just really really old. Murders like the ones Aboah committed happened years before he was apparently born- there must be some kind of 'lost [African] tribe'. (Although this is just Mulder's supposition- it's possible that Aboah is, in fact, an aberration like Toombs.) Also, Toombs didn't get any ethnic music backing or any exotic plant darts. Just bile. Mmm mmm!
On the bright side, despite that woman (were we supposed to know who she was?) talking about borders and all, I didn't really get an anti-immigration feel out of it or anything, and Marcus Duff was a sympathetic character, etc. So, mixed bag.

Is there anything creepier than a poorly done lobotomy? *shivers*
Such nonsense with the zoom-enhance. Computers don't work like that!
I keep meaning to keep a running tally of how many times Scully gets kidnapped. This is- what, five? I do admire that she's pretty good at doing her part to save herself, though.
Are there any X-files episodes where people with mental illnesses aren't dangerous and crazy?

The Field Where I Died
Meh. Glad Mulder didn't try a Southern accent.

I'm confused- were the other doctors in on things, or no? If not, what was with the leech pentagram?

Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man -
Wait, are they saying Cancerman killed JFK? Really?
...*and* Martin Luther King. But he respects King and is not at all a racist! He just really hates communism, I guess?
So then why is he moving the Rodney King trial... ah, forget it.
Aw, CSM has no family. Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? Because... I really don't.
aaaand he is a failed novelist! oh my god. That is too hilarious. I'm sorry, I'm not sure I'll ever fear Cancerman again.
Some things are scarier when left in the dark. Look, I cannot take your creative angst seriously when you've killed the president.
Also, wow, sir, you are a terrible writer. Stick to assassinations; you seem to be more successful at them. While you're at it, please kill that extended metaphor about chocolates that you're on about and put it out of its misery. o_o

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