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So, I've just been denied health insurance because of my 'history of major depression or neurosis'. Which, you know. Fuck you *so much*, US health care system. Anyone who talks to me about the evils of socialized medicine in the near future is likely to get metaphorically stabbed in the face. Just so you know.

Normally I'd post this in the depression filter, but I actually had a question, which is: the new health care laws say that I can be covered by my parent's health plan until 26. Does anyone know if pre-existing conditions will mean I can't be covered by that, either? I am frankly a bit too freaked out to really concentrate on trying to figure things out right now.
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Well, we're officially being kicked out of the house! My landlord has apparently failed to pay his mortgage, despite repeatedly telling us that we don't need to worry about the foreclosure notices, he totally has it taken care of you guys. So now the house is owned by the bank, and they want it back! Which means getting the four of us out. It's not all bad- apparently we might qualify for relocation assistance? And we have some time. But- aauugh, I have to get all the roommates together, and we have to write a letter(?) and we have to agree on- something(?) and I have no idea what to do and yet I am In Charge of this situation by virtue of the fact that I was the only one at home when the bank rep came by to check for occupancy. WHEEEEEEEEEEE. um. yes. brb, exploding of stress.
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So this has kind of been the week from hell. The van I drive is breaking down. My brother has pinkeye, and may have gotten it all over the cats (do cats get pinkeye?) so I have to bathe them later today.
Oh, and I lost my job on Wednesday.
Self indulgent nattering. )

In the mean time, I have been watching lots of Psych and Avatar:TLA (no spoilers for s2 and 3, plz!) and deeply enjoying both. Where is a good place for Psych screenshots?

So what's up with you guys? Usually when I'm not posting I'm at least still keeping up with my flist, but this time I am completely behind. (Wasn't kidding about the exhaustion.) How is everyone? What fandoms are people into now? I hear LJ did something stupid again! Rec me stuff to read/watch- I have plenty of free time on my hands at the mo'.


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