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Red Eft ([personal profile] red_eft) wrote2010-12-01 05:29 pm


Happy Hanukkah! I hope people's holidays are going well thus far.

I've started working on some things for the Lunar New Year exchange fest at [community profile] white_lotus- I really hope I can finish a few things. It's been so long since I've actually finished art.

Also, I seem to have made a friend at work, which is exciting! (Especially because the first co-workers I was working with were. uh. When I asked them to stop using gay as a pejorative, the response was "I can't make any promises! lol." The lol was unspoken, but there.) But this person seems nice?

It is interesting to me that I seem to attract the same kind of 'first friend' wherever I go- high school, college, my first workplace, always the first person I connected with was a certain type of geeky, highly opinionated person. She is a fan- we actually connected when she saw I was drawing Katara. I'm trying to suss out what kind of fan- is she into fic? I'm a little concerned that she's going to be like the woman I met at the NaNoWriMo thing- fannish, but really dismissive of slash and fanfic, and that always makes me sad. I never know what to say. But then, maybe she's not, which would be neat! Well, potentially, anyway. Why don't we have a secret handshake or something? Wasn't someone working on that awhile back?
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Man, I would love a secret handshake. Right now I just namedrop Doctor Who, which works okay, but there's got to be a password we can come up with.
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We should have a pin with a symbol, like the BDSM community. For example I found out that my brother is into that when I saw him wearing that triskelion BDSM symbol, while wearing a suit to a business meeting no less. Clueless people miss this kind of thing, but similarly interested people recognize it. (Though it's a downside if it's not too well known, like I once was pestered by a guy hitting on me in the creepiest way while visibly wearing a necklace with a labrys.
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Well, lesbians and gays have a bunch of different ones too, and it still helps. Maybe you should just design one, and hope it gains traction?
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Hooray for likeminded work friends! *hopes with you*