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Red Eft ([personal profile] red_eft) wrote2010-12-13 09:01 pm

what th h gs

Half the keys on my laptop have suddenly stopped working. I was going to write an amusing sentence with missing letters, but "an amusing sentence" became "a asg stc" so I decided not to. Why would this happen with no apparent cause? I didn't spill anything on it or anything. *mystified*

I have re-started watching X-Files. There are... a lot of episodes that boil down to "lol, impregnating women against their will is hilarious! (unless it is Scully)" aren't there? The one with the tails, and then Post-modern Prometheus. I mean, I get that the monster didn't actually do it, his 'father' did, but the monster was *there* and clearly intelligent enough to get that this is, you know. not okay? but he still gets the sweet happy ending. I pretty much had to turn off a part of my brain for that episode. Oh, X-Files. You are weirdly regressive but I still love you.

Randomly, does anyone know of a non-judgy cat forum-type site that is friendly towards raw feeding? I kind of want to get back into that with my cats, but OMG the rawcat mailing list is SO HORRIBLE. It's just so judgmental and YOU ARE KILLING YOUR CATS if you feed them canned or kibble EVAR. Because raw is so easy and inexpensive! And if you don't think so you are lazy and stupid! Just looking at the digest titles make me anxious. There are few groups more virulently judgmental than pet owners and parents, I think.
Plus, I hate mailing lists in general. When fandom moved from MLs to forums and the LJ I was so happy, you have no idea.

In other news, I have started on my first picture for the White Lotus exchange! I am excited.