red_eft: Peter and El from White Collar. Peter kisses the top of El's head as she snuggles against him. (Peter <3 El)
Red Eft ([personal profile] red_eft) wrote2011-01-27 09:34 pm

tee vee

Internet, why did you not remind me that White Collar has returned? (Okay, yes, if I'd actually looked at the White Collar newsletter which I am subscribed to, I would have noticed, but hush. )

Mozzie <3 Did anyone really think that Mozzie was going to die (other than, apparently, my brother)? White Collar likes jerking us around with that sort of thing but never follows through. (Oh my god, Peter has betrayed Neal! Wait, no he hasn't. Oh my god, Diana is- wait, nope. I mean, I'm not complaining. I just think it's funny.) Plot is ridic, as always, and I don't caaaaaare, because Neal at Mozzie's bedside! Also, Peter: he's on a horse. I was happy to see Jones having a bigger part, because yay, ensembles! I've wanted more on Jones ever since that one episode where he organizes an FBI "stay late and prove Peter innocent" party. Plus, Sharif Atkins was hilarious at comic-con. (He cartwheeled onto the stage! hart.) Needed more El, but pretty much everything does. I was glad she was one of the seven.

X-Files watching continues apace. I enjoyed El Mundo Gira a lot more once I learned that the title basically translates to As The World Turns.