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ahaha, so clearly the Fringe panel writeup is not happening. (besides, you can watch the whole thing on YouTube anyway, so it's sort of a moot point.) In my defense, I have had basically no braintime for anything but Job and Brother related stress. (now with bonus 'brother hired at job!' crossover! I am a GIGANTIC STRESSBALL.)
I still have not watched the new ep, no spoilers omg.

In lieu of creating anything, I have been watching so much TV. So much. Up to midway through season 8 in X-Files, which. Um. Does it... get better, at some point? Does Scully ever get to be awesome again? Because right now it seems to be the John Doggett show, starring John Doggett and also some pregnant chick who he saves and/or lectures. (The episode where he scolds her for going off on her own sdfajsgdfglkdf) I tried to go into it with an open mind; I really, really did. I want to like Doggett, because I don't like not liking characters! Watching shows is more fun if I'm fond of most of the characters! but I am kind of. Not feeling it. It doesn't help that the writing quality seemed to go downhill really fast. I mean, s7 had a lot of goofy episodes, but they were at least more or less coherent. What the hell was Badlaa? (Apart from awful.) IDK, IDK. Maybe now is the time to start reading fic.

Also watching (and enjoying the hell out of) Twin Peaks (noooo spoilers), although thus far my most pertinent observation is that Dale Cooper is basically Benton Fraser, if Fraser were American and also in a TV show by David Lynch. I can't decide whether they would get along really well, or if they would be just alike enough to get on each other's nerves. Cooper would totally love Dief, though.
(A quick trip to the AO3 indicates that this crossover has already been written. Fandom, ilu.)
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No, late XF does not get better. It gets worse.