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Red Eft ([personal profile] red_eft) wrote2010-11-24 04:36 pm


So, I've just been denied health insurance because of my 'history of major depression or neurosis'. Which, you know. Fuck you *so much*, US health care system. Anyone who talks to me about the evils of socialized medicine in the near future is likely to get metaphorically stabbed in the face. Just so you know.

Normally I'd post this in the depression filter, but I actually had a question, which is: the new health care laws say that I can be covered by my parent's health plan until 26. Does anyone know if pre-existing conditions will mean I can't be covered by that, either? I am frankly a bit too freaked out to really concentrate on trying to figure things out right now.
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I'm so sorry. :(

My understanding--which is definitely not an expert opinion--is that if you are continuously covered, you are unlikely to be denied continued coverage. That is, if you are currently on your parents insurance, and you remain on it, then they're not gonna come kick you off. Probably. But applying for *new* insurance is what triggers the review.]

Honestly, this is one of the reasons I'm glad I've never been medicated/had a formal diagnosis [and I realize not everybody can do that]--I'm already a fucking cancer survivor, add in the braincrazy and OH SHIT I'M PAYING RETAIL FOREVER.

Depending on where you are/what your income is, there may be state insurance you're eligible for. Both my wife and my son have NYS insurance, and...well. It's insurance? It's not nothing? Actually, my kid's Medicaid is really good, if you're in a place to be able to advocate for yourself/your kid.
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You can probably at least get a major medical plan-- basically it'll cover you if you get hit by a bus, and not much else, but if you *do* get hit by a bus you don't have to worry about bankrupting your family etc. I got mine through Blue Cross Blue Shield; they waitlisted me because I've been treated for anxiety, but ultimately gave me a policy.