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Assorted things make a post

1. omg I love the AO3 kudos system. So much, I cannot even say. It's made Yuletide much more enjoyable for me because I don't have to worry so much about thinking up something insightful to say. Kanata's post basically sums it up for me. I still haven't finished going through the archive, but I have saved a bunch to my new (to me, anyway) Kindle (bweee!).

2. I've started reading Homestuck. You guys, what is this I don't even. I mean, I'm enjoying it, but what the hell. Would reading Problem Sleuth first make things any less confusing? I started reading that a long time ago but got distracted and wandered off.

3. My brother started watching X-Files over my shoulder and got into it, so we're starting again from the beginning. We're now in season 2, which has more ridiculous episodes than I remembered. (Why did the aliens make the animals invisible, again?)
However, I can actually recognize Krychek now, so maybe I'll be able to figure out what the hell is up with him this time around. Additionally, oh man, I ship MSR so hard it's ridiculous. Normally, I can't get into canon pairings, but apparently I have a button labeled "PARTNERS" that is very easily pushed. (This button lead to me having a brief moment of shipping Lassie/Jules on Psych, which is something considering that I don't really like Lassiter all that much.)
Also: Dear scientists, here is a tip: never name anything the Icarus project. Ever. Why would you do that? (more names to avoid: Sisyphus, Achilles. Others?)
Also also: is it weird that I find it kind of hot when Scully does autopsies? That's weird, right?

4. Here is a delicious recipe for carrot soup that I've been making a lot this winter. I recommend the second set of spices, and sour cream as the dairy. I also skip the cashews, because they're expensive and I'm cheap.
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1. I keep getting kudos on old stuff lately and I'm simultaneously elated (people like my stuff!) and bewildered (they're doing it anonymously! does that mean they don't want people to know they like my stuff?). I will never stop preferring comments, but the quick hit is nice.

2. Reading PS does make some things less confusing, yes. How much less confusing seems to vary between readers, though. (It helps put a lot of the structural conceits underlying the narrative into a clearer perspective, at least.) I would recommend it with that caveat in mind - I don't think anyone's ever gotten more confused about HS by reading PS too, but you never know. It really depends on what's bewildering you about it!

Personally - and this is the inverse of the problem I had in a few later parts - I always found the early stuff too easy to understand and had to fight my attention span to keep from wandering off, but it gets pretty complicated as the story goes on and having the structural/medium awareness of just ... how Hussie tells a story to go off of that reading PS can provide is a big help in organizing your brain to effectively process the data getting thrown at you.
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For what it's worth, whenever I give kudos anonymously, it's either because I can't be bothered logging in or because I don't realise I'm logged out.
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I'm sure that there are plenty of kudos given that way, but I also know that there are/were people deliberately logging out to leave kudos so the kudos they left couldn't be traced back to them, so - the fact that they're anonymous makes it impossible to tell which is which, and years of fandom-seasoned paranoia does the rest.

However, any good word is still a good word, even if the potential behind-the-scenes weirdness might get to me, so I'm still happy to get any sort of compliment period, given my usual lack of any comments whatsoever.
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Many people don't have an AO3 account yet, I guess, what with it being in beta, and the invitation needed, so they can't log in to kudo.
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Yeah, I mean, I've given up expecting comments on any of my "older" stuff, so it's like - I'm getting kudos! People are reading my fic and they like it! That is awesome, not gonna lie.
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I meant more the excessive metafictionality and paradox-baiting; the (sometimes literal) fourth wall-breaking and heavy sense of irony and deliberately flat characterization is ... a lot to get dosed with, I suspect, and in my case reading PS helped me appreciate just how much better Hussie got at handling those things in Homestuck (like, for example, learning to appreciate that at least John could sometimes be a compelling character in his own right, rather than a blankly pleasant prop for Hussie to throw things at and call it cool).

PS is just plain not as compelling as Homestuck, but it's a useful tool for unpacking Hussie's narrative methods and characterization quirks - that's what I used it for, and it gave me a lot of helpful perspective on Homestuck's plot that way.
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You guys, what is this I don't even. I mean, I'm enjoying it, but what the hell.
I'm sorry.

Where are you in the story? The beginning is hugely WTF, but then what happens is you get used to it. (Hopefully in time for the next level of crackiness to begin.)
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And I wouldn't recommend reading Problem Sleuth first, just because I didn't find it nearly as interesting. ymmv, but judging by how you wandered away the first time, not by a whole bunch.
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I'm still a little confused about how the sylladexes work
Despite the ridiculous number of pages devoted to them, I don't think the exact mechanics actually matter very much and wouldn't worry. (Although I'll admit that the illustrations of what craziness ensues if you don't understand data structures are 1000x better if you've ever done intro programming in groups.)

I figure four chapters is a fair shot.
More than. I only read it after I ran out of HS and was curious. If I had been linked it as its own thing, I wouldn't have stuck around.
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I have just started a rewatch myself, because BBC America (of all things!) just started running them from the Pilot. Funny, I think of myself as a Mulderist, but all I can see in S1 is OMG TINY BABY SCULLY WITH HER AWFUL SUITS AND HER BOUNCY ENTHUSIASM. I'm all of two episodes in, but the shippiness is totally there. Sigh.

Also also: is it weird that I find it kind of hot when Scully does autopsies? That's weird, right?

If it's wrong, I don't wanna be right, kthx.

Mmm, soup! I should get some carrots...