Jan. 4th, 2011

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1. omg I love the AO3 kudos system. So much, I cannot even say. It's made Yuletide much more enjoyable for me because I don't have to worry so much about thinking up something insightful to say. Kanata's post basically sums it up for me. I still haven't finished going through the archive, but I have saved a bunch to my new (to me, anyway) Kindle (bweee!).

2. I've started reading Homestuck. You guys, what is this I don't even. I mean, I'm enjoying it, but what the hell. Would reading Problem Sleuth first make things any less confusing? I started reading that a long time ago but got distracted and wandered off.

3. My brother started watching X-Files over my shoulder and got into it, so we're starting again from the beginning. We're now in season 2, which has more ridiculous episodes than I remembered. (Why did the aliens make the animals invisible, again?)
However, I can actually recognize Krychek now, so maybe I'll be able to figure out what the hell is up with him this time around. Additionally, oh man, I ship MSR so hard it's ridiculous. Normally, I can't get into canon pairings, but apparently I have a button labeled "PARTNERS" that is very easily pushed. (This button lead to me having a brief moment of shipping Lassie/Jules on Psych, which is something considering that I don't really like Lassiter all that much.)
Also: Dear scientists, here is a tip: never name anything the Icarus project. Ever. Why would you do that? (more names to avoid: Sisyphus, Achilles. Others?)
Also also: is it weird that I find it kind of hot when Scully does autopsies? That's weird, right?

4. Here is a delicious recipe for carrot soup that I've been making a lot this winter. I recommend the second set of spices, and sour cream as the dairy. I also skip the cashews, because they're expensive and I'm cheap.


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