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- if the job application that you're looking at specifies they want a 'pretty young woman', it is probably best to avoid it.

- playing Silent Hill at midnight because you can't sleep is possibly not the best idea.

ETA: OH GOD was this a bad idea; it is now 4 AM and I *swear* there is something making horrible shuffling noises outside my window ahhhh. It's an old game, I said. the graphics aren't that great, I said. How scary could it be, I said. CLEARLY I HAVE MADE SOME BAD DECISIONS HERE.

Am going to try to restrict my journaling access for a little while because I really need to get back on track productivity-wise, so I may not be around for the rest of this week. Or I might! It's a mystery. I'll still be checking e-mail if you need me.
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As a suggestion for a new career path, my mother sent me an e-mail about an "Animal Communication" workshop. Okay, I think. I'm good with animals! I could work with them. Let's check this out.

Here is what I find on the website:

DAY ONE: Saturday

Participants will learn the essentials of telepathic communication, and how to reawaken this inherent ability in all of us. They will acquire skills that will prove invaluable during their personal encounters with animals and add a new dimension to each participant’s life. They will leave with tools to improve the lives of countless beings that share this earth.

Topics include:
Practice exercises on how to relax and quiet the mind.
Learn how to "listen" with the heart.
Send and receive information telepathically with other participants.
Communicate with animals telepathically (in person).

Yep. That's my mom.


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