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So I, of course, did not finish Fringe. I'm on episode... six, I think. I am heading off to Comic-con in a matter of minutes, and I am still debating about whether to go to the Fringe panel. On the one hand, I don't want to be spoiled, and it will be inevitable if I go to the panel. On the other hand, I was spoiled for a fair amount of what I've seen already, and I still *enjoyed* it. And actor panels are often super fun, and I would get to see Jasika Nicole in person (<3333) and that could be cool.

Especially interested in hearing people who've seen Fringe, and can weigh in on whether it's better to be unspoiled.

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Should I go to the Fringe panel?

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Also, obvs, I am going to Comic-con, if anyone I know will be there, which is doubtful but what the heck. I will be Robin (animated Tim Drake) tomorrow, and Scully on Sunday.
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oh my god you guys. Life has been so nonsensical of late. I am super, super swamped at work working so much OT (on the one hand, yay, more money! On the other hand, even less of a life than I had before!) and on account of my hard working ways, have been... sort of put in charge of some things? and people? which is so terrifying, I can't even tell you. Exciting, but exhausting. How do people do this work/life balance thing?

I feel so cut off from fandom, which makes me sad, and I'm too paranoid to browse fannish sites on my lunchbreak. (I don't *think* the company is monitoring the usage, but).

I'm trying to finish Fringe before Comic-con so I can go to the panel on Saturday. Considering I'm on episode 4 of season 3, I don't know if I'm going to make it, though. Still. Fringe! I am a fan. I have Thoughts, about stuff! Mostly about how much I love Astrid. (I really love Astrid. She is my favrit <3 <3 <3)

I am not in a fic place about it yet, but I might be when I'm done? Although I may basically just want the adventures of Astrid and Walter, and also maybe some Broyles/Nina Sharp. (Please tell me the latter exists? At least a little bit?) I think- I think I mostly want gen? Which is a strange new feeling for me, let me tell you.


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