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So! I have decided to go with "They Fight Crime* (*except when they commit it)" as my [community profile] ladiesbigbang theme (if anyone has a more elegant way to work the criminals into the name, let me know. It's kinda clunky as is.) I'm thinking of splitting it into 3 parts- Cops (official law enforcement), vigilantes, and criminals. I've got enough cops, I think. (Although. Could I shoehorn Suki, from Avatar: TLA, into the role of cop? Except they didn't seem to be really general law enforcement; more like soldiers, so I dunno.)

It would be really easy to fill in vigilantes with all superheros, but that seems uneven to me, so I'm trying to think of more non-comic book women who fight crime without being law enforcement types. So far I have, um, Jessica Fletcher and that's about it. People who have watched/read Ladies' No 1 Detective Agency- would Precious Ramotswe fit into this category? I haven't seen the series yet, but in the book that I've read it seemed like she did less 'crime' and more 'sorting out personal issues' which doesn't match the theme, but I only read the one, and it was a long time ago.

Actually, I probably need more non-comic criminals, too- I've got Parker and Sophie, Mr. Yang (from Psych) and mmmaybe Alex Barnes? (I would need to, you know. Actually watch that episode of The Sentinel. I've only got through half of s1.) I dunno, maybe that's enough- I need five of each, so two comic book villains isn't too lop-sided. Still, more couldn't hurt.
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You guuuuys, I wanna do [community profile] ladiesbigbang, but I cannot decide on a theme! I don't know that there's any one person I want to draw 15 (or more) times (at least all at once). I could definitely come up with 15 different women from comics, but I kind of want to work on my real person drawing skillz. And I like the idea of having a theme, anyway. Makes it easier to come up with different ideas.

There are two types of themes that I can think of- conceptual themes and visual themes. The problem with visual themes is making all of them unique enough- I considered doing all the same color scheme, or maybe all monochrome with different colors, but I'm afraid that could be boring (for me and the viewer). There's doing things in a particular style, but the only style I can think of that I can mimic (and would be visually distinctive enough) is art nouveau, and- don't get me wrong, I love art nouveu, but I feel like it's been done, and that I can't mimic it well enough to make it spectacular. Plus, most of it is pretty ladies sitting around, and I want to work on action shots- especially if I ask for a compliment, because it would be hard to write a fic based on 'Toph sitting on a rock with very distinct outlines!'

But I'm leaning towards visual themes more than conceptual themes, because it feels... neater, somehow? If something is a set, I want it to sort of show that it's a set. I was considering women in law enforcement as a theme? f only because I can think of a lot of them (although I'm not sure I can do 15 unless I stretch and count superheroes.) But I also want to draw at least one Avatar character, and I'm... not really seeing anyone there. (I am up to episode 5 of s3, no spoilers pls!)

Other idea was basing pictures on classic paintings? Like the one I did of Kory as Eve, which I would link to except it was in my LJ scrapbook which is now defunct, boo. :[ I should upload those somewhere else. Anyway, that appeals to me, because it mean I would have ready made compositions for stealing inspiration, and because I am amused by the idea, and also it would mean reading about art history, which is something I enjoy. But then- what counts as a 'classical' painting? I'm mostly familiar with stuff by dead white guys; the sort of accepted 'canon', so to speak. Should I branch out into more diverse art origins? I'm not as familiar with non-European stuff, but then again there are whole books on the subject and now I'm all paid up on my library fines, so. *flails* I don't know! I need ideeeeeeaaaas. *grabby hands*

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