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So, the AO3 allowing original fic thing. It would appears I have Thoughts on the subject! )
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[personal profile] torachan points out a few problems with their methods.
[personal profile] eruthros has a rather illuminating conversation with the survey creators prior to its release.

You can also read their mission statement, which... well, the phrase We're deeply interested in broad-based behavioral data that involves romantic or erotic cognition and evinces a clear distinction between men and women. seems to me that they've decided on their results already.
(Also, I have no idea what the Mona Lisa has to do with anything.)

Other things that make me less than impressed are the fact that they only offer Male and Female as options for biological sex at birth, and the fact that although they offer "Male" as an option, at least one of the questions gave answers that only applied if you were not male. They've changed that now, but changing the options after the survey's begun doesn't really fill me with confidence either.

Although you could read through it and not answer, or make up things, because I'm really curious if anyone *has* an actual answer for question 31, because that one seemed incredibly bizarre to me.


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